Friday, November 17, 2017

2017 Daily Painting Day 76

Another variation, meh.  Getting to 10 may be harder than I thought!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 Daily Painting Day 75

You know how when you have something glaringly wrong in a painting and you don't even see it until someone comes up and says - oh there is a cow in your river, and you see, yep, right there in the water a perfect cow shape you never intended or saw until someone said something and then you can't unsee it?

I did a watercolor at a Plein Air event, that I framed and displayed it, and right there is a big old arrow pointing to the corner.  It's driving me nuts and why didn't I see it before you ask?  Two reasons, it was misting, rainy and cold while being painted and my watercolor paint was not drying at all, which if the opposite of what normally happens, and I was so pressured to produce something for the event, I neglected to plan I just started right in, no thumbnail, no prep.  And now I have a painting that drives me nuts.  So, I am going to use it as an underpainting and the composition plan for the next 5 variation series, sans the gigantic pointing arrow!

This is after I did pastel over the top.  Pretty much an epic fail.    I would of been better off not trying to fix something with the pastel, and flipping the paper and doing a fresh underpainting and more pleasing composition.

Here's the watercolor before cropping (See what I mean about the arrow?  Yikes!)

Monday, November 13, 2017

2017 Daily Painting Day 74

Another variation on the same Marla Baggetta reference photo and interpretations.  I started with a red and orange watercolor underpainting.  I went a bit too crazy on the color, but am viewing these as study explorations.  I would like to apply this approach to some other compositions.

Variation 5

2017 Daily Painting Day 73

OK I have to say this is very fun.  I am mainly experimenting in color and mark making with the pastel.  I promised myself I would do 10 variations of this reference photo and painting of Marla Baggetta's.  Today  I planned to try to recreate what I did yesterday with an underpainting of the complementary colors to see how it changed it.  But once my underpainting dried I kind of liked the flip in colors, so just went with it.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017 Daily Painting Day 72

At first I wasn't sure why she suggested copying her paintings, but as I am working through her variations of the same subject you start to get a sense of some of the design choices Marla Baggatta made in you series of 100 variations of the same subject.   I con't plan on reproducing all 100, but it is an interesting exercise, even to try with your own reference photo/thumbnail where composition and values are already worked out.  Maybe if you did reproduce 100 variations, a person would really enhance the abstraction and mark making.

2017 Daily Painting Day 71

Another Marla Baggetta variation study.