Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 14 - Saylorville Marina

Another unsuccessful attempt at the marina.  Two takes on the same subject, neither one works.  It's challenging to try to capture the collection of boats by reducing them to light and dark shapes.  So a good exercise, disappointing result.    I think the pastel works better than the watercolor.   A slight change in perspective and color and value changes help there.

Ways to improve the watercolor:
- Lighten up the colors.  I went way too bright and dark.
- I think for the boats in the distance I should just glaze some  blue purplish shapes and lose any detail there.  I think that would help create depth.
- Simplify the scene.

  I found this book by Malcolm Beattie, "Simplifying Complex Scenes in Watercolor."  It has some simplification exercises to do that I am going to work through to help me in this area.  This was an area John Preston talked to me about during his workshop - too much unnecessary detail.

Saylorville Marina, Watercolor

Saylorville Marina,  pastel