Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 21 - West Des Moines Barn

I have not been very invested in art the last few days.  A friend of mine came to visit, so it's been  quick posts and a lot of laughter!  Kim, besides being my friend,  is also my blog consultant.  Oh the things we do for friends!   If you want to get a feel for our time together, check out Kim's blog, as she wrote about one of our adventures today.

A quick, non-art story about Kim.   For those of you from the Des Moines area who are familiar with the Thai restaurant, Cool Basil, Kim asked them what their hottest rating was for their dishes, which is the rating of 6, which she ordered and enjoyed without a reaction.  Impressive!  For the rest of you, I like spicy food and I think 3 is too spicy.

So if you have tried to follow by mail and get notified when I post something,  I believe that function is now working.  It should link you to Feed Burner when you click it, to verify you are a person by entering characters and then it will send you an email that it is working.

Today is a quick study from a photo of a barn near our house in winter.  Yes, it's coming......but not for awhile.
West Des Moines Barn