Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 28 - Still Life at Mary's

When I first started studying oil painting,(I think it's been two years now) my friend, Dianne and I did a series of still life paintings at Mary Muller's studio.  So we have a collection of still life paintings of the same subject.  I was in the mood to do a quick oil today, so I pulled out a photo of one of the first still life settings we did.

I still don't get how John Preston and Carol Marine can complete an oil painting in a day.  This is the point I could get to then had to stop and let dry a bit .  So it's not completely done, just resting.

I can see the influence of my watercolor exercises/study in that the colors are purer and the strokes are a little more free than my early attempt at this subject.

Still Life at Mary's II