Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 31 - On Bike Trail by Banner Range

The final day of my August Challenge of a Painting a Day!

I am happy (as it takes the pressure off) and sad (because it takes the pressure off!) to see the month coming to an end.

So as I reflect on this month of painting each day, what have I learned?

- If I do want my art to improve, like anything else, it's going to take time and effort.  It's a fine line, to be disciplined, without turning art into work and losing the enjoyment of it.

- Having some immediate feedback and suggestions from friends and other artists not only helps me improve, but spurs me on.   Once I get started, even when I think I'm not in the mood, I get into it.

- Working quickly, as Carol Marine said in her book,  really does keep me from being over-invested in something that isn't really working, makes me willing to take risks, yet reduced the frustration factor....there is always tomorrow so no big deal how this one turns out.   If I learned something, it was a good day.

- Other artists are generous of their time, their expertise, and are a big help in learning what is and isn't working each day.

- My family and friends are great encouragers!  I would love to hear which one each of you liked best.  You don't even have to say why, but can if you are so inclined.

- Nothing really bad happens when you clean less, paint more.
On Bike Trail by Banner Range