Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016 - Daily Painting Day 18

Thursday was the first day of our Plein Air Workshop with John Preston, sponsored by the Mississippi River Art group.  Great demo, great location, great group of artists and the weather was perfect!  Our location was at a convent that overlooks the Mississippi.  Awesome!

I struggled with my materials and got a little grumpy despite the perfection of the day.  (I know a poor artist blames the tools!)  Well, I had bought a roll of sanded paper that was much more affordable than the sheets and had tried to flatten them out, seemed to have success and had taped them to my drawing board.  However,  as soon as the paper was untaped,  it rolled right back up smearing my pastel drawing completely!  Frustrating!  When I got home I tried to flatten it by laying it on glycine (to keep from trashing the drawing and my ironing board completely), sprayed the back, with water,c ironed the paper and flattened to dry by weighting the paper.  If I tried to eliminate any of these steps.   Boing!  It rolled right back up.  But this seemed to have worked

View North to Dubuque

View South from the Convent Bluff